What is Due Diligence?
The care that a prudent person is expected to exercise in the examination and evaluation of risks affecting a business transaction, including transactions in Real Estate and/or Raw Land.

What is MyDueDiligence.net?
A website dedicated to helping you complete your due diligence before bidding on a property for sale on the internet.

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Available Information for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania - Official State Homepage
-State Departments, Elected Officials, Government, Rules and Regulations, Laws, Statistic, Demographics, Maps, Links and other useful information. Direct link to State website.

Pennsylvania - Map of State Counties
-Illustrative Map of Counties within the State

Beaver County - County Assessor
-(724) 728-5700 ext. 337

Clearfield County - County Assessor
-(814) 765-2641 ext. 5997

Monroe County - County Assessor
-(570) 517-3133

Pike County - County Assessor
-(570) 296-5936

Wayne County - County Assessor's Office
-Find information on any lot in the county, including taxes and zoning.

Wayne County - County Assessor
-(570) 253-5970 ext. 216